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Areas of Industrial Design:
Ø Searches & legal advice on availability/ability to register of Industrial Design

Ø Application for establishing Industrial Design
  • Preparation of filing application
  • Prosecution of application
  • Appeal against objection/ refusal
  • Advisory service
Ø Intellectual property litigation:
  • Correspondence for opposition / cancellation of certificate
  • Temporary injunction to settle infringement
  • Request for administrative sanction
  • Initiation of civil/ criminal court proceeding
Ø Transfer of rights:
  • Recordal of licensing/ assignment agreement
  • Consulting services on pricing negotiating
  • Drafting license/ assignment agreement/technology transfer
Ø Others:
  • Request for duplication of certificates
  • Recordal of changes of applicants/proprietors of IP objects
  • Translation of documents

Requaired Documents:
  • Power of Attorney (simply signed);
  • Statement of Owner (simply signed); 
  • Assignment from the author to the applicant
  • Description of the Design (to be translated into the Indonesian language)
  • Drawings (1 sheet) or photographs (5 sheets) of the Design, minimum size  10 x 10 cm and maximum 20 x 30 cm
  • Certified copy of Priority Document and its English translation if the application claims priority rights (If claimed
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