Areas of Trademark:
Ø Searches & legal advice on availability/ability to register of Trademarks

Ø Application for establishing Trademarks rights
  • Preparation of filing application
  • Prosecution of application
  • Appeal against objection/ refusal
  • Advisory service
Ø Intellectual property litigation:
  • Correspondence for opposition / cancellation of certificate
  • Temporary injunction to settle infringement
  • Request for administrative sanction
  • Initiation of civil/ criminal court proceeding
Ø Maintenance and transfer of rights:
  • Renewal of certificate
  • Recordal of licensing/ assignment agreement
  • Consulting services on pricing negotiating
  • Drafting license/ assignment agreement/technology transfer
Ø Others:
  • Request for duplication of certificates
  • Recordal of changes of applicants/proprietors of IP objects
  • Translation of documents

Requaired Documents:

  • Power of Attorney (no authorization required),
  • Statement of Mark Owner (no authorization required),
  • 30 prints of the mark in max. size: 9x9 cm, and
  • Certified copy of Priority Document if the application claims priority rights

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